We would like to introduce Supreme Foods (Subsidiary of Aliza Trader), established in 1985, as Manufacturer of Himalayan edible Salt Products. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, Halal food certified, Kosher certified, FBR registered, chamber of commerce registered and Punjab Food Authority Certified Company, with mission to Deliver Exceptional Quality Products at an Economical Price Structure.

The company is managing a workforce of over 100+ workers comprised in three production facilities, including the mining area and gathers the highest quality raw material to ensure set standards of international community, timely deliveries while maintaining a constant supply for our valued customers.

We are handling all kinds of Himalayan Salt Products i.e. Edible & Bath Salt, Salt Cooking Plates, Industrial & Decor Tiles, Animal Lick Salt along with several handicrafts such as Salt Lamps, Candle and Tea Light Holders in various figures and shapes etc.

Aliza Trader” is one step ahead of the rest. We follow a quality based production philosophy that allows us to ensure customer satisfaction with on-time delivery and offer competitive prices for the local and foreign projects. The products we manufacture overlap in various industries. We cater our customers in terms of health, decor, beauty, food and general salt accessories in a natural and wholesome form.

We have been blessed with the most talented craftsmen to be a part of our team. Having our own facility has provided us complete control over our products starting from salt extraction to converting them into high quality products.

Himalayan Edible Salt

We are manufacturer, processor & exporter of Himalayan Crystal Salt produce all grades of White & Pink Edible Salts. It’s an entirely superb substitute to table salt.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Relax in the warm glow of Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is healthy and excellent for a innovative minds. Bring heavenly synchronisation to any room with our beautiful salt lamp.

Ignite and embellish your surrounding environment with enchanting subtle light dispersed by beautifully shaped Himalayan Salt lamp. Ignite and embellish your surrounding environment with enchanting subtle light dispersed by beautifully shaped Himalayan Salt lamp.

Himalayan Bath Salt

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium bath salts, with an emphasis on superior quality, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service.

Just Soak, Relish and Relax. Attain a fresh skin and a velvety touch, Himalayan bath salt carries huge benefits with great smelling.

Candle Holder

All Salt Candles are hand mined and hand crafted in a socially and environmentally responsible manner using only the 100% finest Himalayan salt crystals available.

Salt Tiles

There are so many uses for Himalayan salt tile. Use these beautiful crystal salt bricks to create spectacular architectural features in your living and work space.

Cooking Plates

Feel the elation of acceptance and scoop the appreciation for your hand made food. It pledges to add a rich salty and juicy flavor.

Animal Lick Salt

We produce and supply premium quality products of animals. Animal Salt Licks are extremely hard which makes them very weather resistant and difficult for animals to bite.

Grant a complete feed to your dear animals. Around 84 trace minerals are naturally present in lick salt as a treat for your animals.

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