Aliza Trader is one of best supplier of denim fabrics. We use liquid indigo from Dystar to achieve the perfect shade of blue. We offer the following denim in indigo blue / dark shades in flat and emerised finish:

Multiple Weaves

1/1 (plain and canvas)
2/1 (twill), 3/1 (drill)
4/1 (satin)
2/2 (gabardine)
Structured (combination of weaves)
Broken twill (change of pattern)

Product Range

Ring denim – OE x OE Basic, Ring x OE Basic, OE x Ring Basic,
Ring x Ring Basic, Rain (mix count in warp)
Crosshatch denim (mixed count in warp and weft)
Slub denim (slub in warp and weft with single and mixed counts)
Structured denim (herringbone checks, stripes, cord etc)
Structured (combination of weaves)
Broken twill (change of pattern)
Stretch denim – Lycra (only in weft with different combination), polyester Lycra (only in weft with different combination)
Multi count denims (different count in same yarn)
Over-dyed denims (dyeing and tinting)
Poly denims
Silky denim
Basic denims

Special Finishes

Flat (mercerised)
Emerised (peach or brushed)
Pre-shrunk (Monforst finish)
Coating with different casts


Normal indigo blue
Deep dark blue
Indigo bottom sulphur top
Sulphur bottom indigo top
100 per cent sulphur black
Different casts like GBIT, YBIT, IBBT, BRBIT and SDSBIT
Tinting and over-dyed in different casts such as yellow, brown etc.

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