We can provide all kind of fabrics either greige or processed.

We have the capabilities to meet any requirement in different qualities in running width & enable to make the quick and prompt deliveries. All Possible Constructions, widths and weaves of grey fabrics in 100 % cotton and blends, woven on Air Jet and Shuttle less looms. All fabrics mentioned  

Here under can be offered in GREY, PFD, PFGD, BLEACHED, DYED AND PRINTED FORMS.

  • Twills, drills, BFC, Rib-stop, Canvas, Stretch Fabrics, Dobby Fabrics, Poplins.
  • Cotton, PC and CVC fabrics in 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, Rib-stop, BFC etc for work wear Industry.
  • Satins, Stripe Satins, Percales, and Sheeting’s in 100% cotton and blend of Poly Cotton.

       Can offer up to T-1100.    

  • All kind of Processed / Finished fabrics in 100 % cotton and blends.

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